PR Sport Management

“Because the best deserve the best”

PR Sport Management represents top athletes and helps them with critical aspects associated with being a professional athlete, including:

  • Negotiating and renewing sponsorship and club contracts;
  • Facilitating transfers between clubs and teams;
  • Coaching in sport – both on the technical and tactical levels;
  • Guidance in ‘life after sport,’ including helping former athletes find and transition into appropriate career opportunities

PR Sport Management provides ‘total career guidance’ at the highest level and in close collaboration with the Van Till Lawyers office, which is also located in Amsterdam.

peter and royce

PR Sport Management has 4 central goals that it ensures for all of its clients: 1) reliability; 2) tenacity; 3) persistence and 4) openness.

For us, there is only one concern: ensuring that our athletes have the most successful careers possible.

FIFA Players Agent

PR Sport Management was founded by Emmy Award winner Peter R. de Vries and his son and lawyer, Royce de Vries.
Both are officially licensed as ‘Players Agent’ by the Royal Netherlands Football Association. Peter R. de Vries: “Our work is so much more than just a transfer. To give a player optimal guidance with all aspects of a professional career in sports that come into play which is specifically tailored to the individual athlete and which gets the most out of his or her athletic career, that’s what concerns us. Once that’s prioritized, the financial success will come naturally.”

pr sport management

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