about pr sport management

About PR Sport Management

PR Sport Management is a sports management company that advocates for athletes in the sport business realm. Some of our areas of work include:

  • Negotiating and renewing sponsorship and club contracts;
  • Facilitating (international) transfers;
  • Providing assistance with relevant fiscal laws;
  • Offering guidance with media and public relations issues;
  • Coaching in sports on mental, technical and tactical levels;
  • Monitoring of intellectual property rights (e.g., image rights and use of name);
  • Exploring and developing commercial (side) activities;
  • Coaching in ‘life after sport’

van Till LawyersPR Sport Management provides total career guidance at the highest level, tailored to the individual and in close cooperation
with Van Till Lawyers, LLC in Amsterdam.

peter and royceFor PR Sport Management, our key concepts are: reliability, tenacity, persistence and openness. For us there is only one priority: the career of the athlete.


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