about pr sport management

About PR Sport Management

PR Sport Management is a sports management company that advocates for athletes in the sport business realm. Some of our areas of work include:

  • Negotiating and renewing sponsorship and club contracts;
  • Facilitating (international) transfers;
  • Providing assistance with relevant fiscal laws;
  • Offering guidance with media and public relations issues;
  • Coaching in sports on mental, technical and tactical levels;
  • Monitoring of intellectual property rights (e.g., image rights and use of name);
  • Exploring and developing commercial (side) activities;
  • Coaching in ‘life after sport’

PR Sport Management provides total career guidance at the highest level, tailored to the individual.

peter and royceFor PR Sport Management, our key concepts are: reliability, tenacity, persistence and openness. For us there is only one priority: the career of the athlete.


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