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contract guidancePR Sport Management stands for high quality service.
There is close collaboration with Van Till Lawyers in Amsterdam, an office where all legal disciplines are represented.
Founder/Director Mr. Royce de Vries also practices as a lawyer at this law firm. Our contracts between players and their clubs consistently meet the highest standards. In the event of any contract violation, we will take action immediately to assist our players.

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What happens when a club is being degraded, but the contract with the player is still in place? What are the rights of the player if the club does not pay the salary on time, or what if the club does not comply with other aspects of a given contract?

royce de vriesWhat if a top-level club is interested in acquiring a player during the contract period with the old club; what are the options?
And what can a player do when his photographs are used in advertisements without his consent or his words are misrepresented?
PR Sport Management has the answers to all these and other critical questions and ensures that these issues are addressed in contracts with its clients.

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