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tax adviceIt’s unfortunate that we hear and see it all too often: football players who have always earned good money come to the end of their careers and suddenly realize that they have little money left or nothing at all. Or even worse, a lot of debt.
A good contract is therefore very important, but if there is no good financial and fiscal guidance, chances are that at the end of the career there will be no money left. And then what? This is still one of the taboos in the world of football.

A succesful career should never lead to poverty

We occasionally read bestseller books about a number of former players, such as Paul Gascione, Wim Kieft, Fernando Ricksen and Andy van der Meyden, who ran into financial trouble as soon as their careers ended. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.
In the Premier League, 60% of the players who had an average income of approximately 35,000 euros per week during their active careers ultimately went bankrupt (Source: XPro).

tax advice or old sockA professional football player can typically play as an independent professional player for roughly twelve or thirteen years, but this only works if everything besides playing football is also in order. Are the net earnings abroad the same? How about the signing fees? And what exactly are familiar investments?

Fiscal support of professional soccer players is (one of) our main tasks

Many players don’t have any knowledge about this until it’s too late, or when the IRS is on the doorstep and the player is broke.
hans houwelingPR Sport Management sees fiscal support for professional footballers as a core part of its business and includes, for example, the monitoring of payments and balancing of incomes, and thus assures that the ‘rich’ career in sport does not end in poverty. Our consultant Hans Houweling has the knowledge and can provide all the information needed.


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