Life after a career in football

life after sportA football career lasts on average about twelve years. And not everyone is able to ultimately become a successful coach, scout or commentator after his or her career as a player ends.


There is a succesfull future after a professional football career in soccer

Most players aren’t financially independent after their career. What are you going to do when you become 33 or 34 years old? This is an area of expertise in which PR Sport Management also provides support.

PR Sport Management thinks about the life after the career of a sportsman. With this in mind, PR Sport Management began a unique collaboration with Randstad. This is the biggest employee agency in the world with offices in over 50 countries.

Athletes have a winning mentality

This employment agency is very interested in training, schooling, and supervising former athletes in new and fruitful careers.

The philosophy is simple: athletes have a winner’s mentality, are very disciplined and accustomed to adversity and stress, have seen a lot of the world, and have media experience and a lot of knowledge gained abroad. These qualities/properties are very valuable in any business sector. PR Sport Management and Randstad have therefore teamed up for a win-win situation to help former athletes secure a good job and help Randstad find good employees in a variety of fields.

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