Media Consultancy and Public Relations

public relations and mediaPublicity and media are more important today than ever to make or break the careers of players and coaches.
It is therefore very important that the player is well supported and well coached in this sensitive area.

Literally every step on the football field and beyond is being followed by newspapers, television, magazines, and especially by social media—and not always in a positive light.

I am posting this on Facebook or Instagram…or maybe not??

Everything is under a magnifying glass. How do you deal with things as a player? Is it wise to express your emotions or dissatisfaction in the press? Or maybe there are also situations in which it is important that you speak out in the media? What do and don’t you post on your own Facebook page or Twitter account? Which photos are (un)suitable for Instagram?

social media adviceEven though it often seems so simple in retrospect, why is there still so much that goes wrong?
The main problem is that there is no way back, because the Internet does not forget.

Advice from TV experts

It is important that TV expert Peter R. de Vries, who is very experienced in all facets of the media and has been tested on many levels in this area, guides and advises professional players on this matter.

peter and royce de vriesAnd if a third party abuses your image rights, voice or name in the media, advertising, or other commercial activities, Royce de Vries (who graduated with a degree in law in the field of intellectual property) in collaboration with our partners at Van Till Advocaten will provide legal counsel and course of action on a client’s behalf.

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