Players’ guidance

Players coaching and guidanceWhether a player is successful with his club and feels comfortable at his club and in his position doesn’t depend only on the fine print of his contract or a waterproof financial construction. No, there are many other factors involved. A player who has to deal with major or minor annoyances during his football career is going to be distracted and will eventually not be able to focus properly, which comes with many negative consequences.

Anything a players needs, we make sure to tailor it to his specific needs

It is therefore important to make the football player feel comfortable and supported in every aspect of his life. PR Sport Management recognizes the importance of this in addition to the traditional business aspects, and also provides intensive assistance to all of its clients.

What can we do? Perhaps the better question to ask here is: what can’t we do? The demand determines the supply. And we do it all. You name it, and we can arrange it.

Kamal BenmoghytKamal Benmoghyt is the players’ guide in PR Sport Management. Simon Markx is a specialist in this field and has the proper experience and training. He anticipates problems that may arise for players and will do everything that’s needed until they are resolved.


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