Technical and tactical advice

Technical and tactical adviceWith a transfer, you only have one chance to do it right. Especially with a move to a foreign club, this process must take many different factors into account. It is therefore critical that the contract is ‘waterproof’ and that all of the details in the foreign language in ‘small print’ are well understood. PR Sport Management will ensure that all of this is indeed realized for all of its clients.

Is the new coach a quiet man or verbally present

With transfers, it is not just about what’s at the managing office of a given football agency, but especially also about what’s happening on the football field of the new club and whether a new trainer or coach is a good match for the player in question. In this area, PR Sport Management also provides advanced technical and tactical advice.

albert van der dussenTechnical Advisor/Coach Albert van der Dussen (former Ajax, former Fulham) is a professional lecturer on the training of the national team Dutch KNVB coaches and will give input on the technical execution of a career plan for a given client.

Is the style of play of the interested club in line with the specific qualities of the player? Which football system(s) does the club play? Is the coach a talkative and open person or is he or she an introvert and often inaccessible?
It’s great to have a good contract on paper, but not if a player ends up sitting on the bench rather than playing on the field.

Technical and tactical reports

Technical and tactical adviceEven if you are doing well at the current club where you are playing, it is useful and necessary that you keep improving your overall skill level in terms of technical and tactical benchmarks based on solid reports. PR Sport Management always stays up to date with the personal development of clients and writes this information in detailed reports, which it shares regularly with its clients.

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