Hans Houweling

Hans Houweling

Financial / tax advisor

Hans Houweling (52) is a tax consultant and owner / director of Houweling and Partners in Huizen. Houweling has 30 years of experience in financial services and is also the father of a player at a BVO.

This has partly led to Hans Houweling becoming interested in financially supporting young top athletes. In addition, questions are raised such as: What is a reasonable consumption level for athletes’ income and what should be saved / invested? What happens taxally when a football player starts playing abroad? What does it mean for tax when a player drives a club car and is it wise to buy a house or go for housing by the club?

Experience shows that concluding a good contract is one thing, but dealing with the money earned wisely is perhaps even more important. Hans Houweling knows all the financial pitfalls for top athletes and helps them prevent them.

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