Khalid Kasem

Khalid Kasem

Mental coach

Khalid Kasem (1978) is a mental coach. He is a lawyer by training.
Khalid has worked for several years as a consultant and trainer for large national and international companies and organizations. He has broad overall experience as a founder and owner of several organizations.

Khalid has great passion for supporting people in their personal development. His mission is to inspire leadership qualities in his clients and to help his clients lead not only successful, but also meaningful, lives.

Khalid is known for his love and vast knowledge of movies. He trains both players and coaches to improve their performance through the use of film clips. He refers to this part of his work as ‘Movie Learning’. This method typically allows athletes to be able to reflect on their own performance and personality.
Khalid works with players of different professional clubs and is a guest lecturer at the training for Professional Football Coach of the Dutch KNVB. Through personal sessions, Khalid supports individual clients of PR Sport Management in achieving their personal goals.

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