Robert W. Portielje

Robert W. Portielje

Mental coach

Robert W. Portielje (1959) is a specialist when it comes to ‘Peak Performance’ and everything to do with optimum performance under pressure.
Robert comes from the world of international business, where peak performance is necessary to succeed, just as it is in the world of sports.

Robert started working in this field in 2000 with the Dutch National men’s hockey team who went on to win a golden medal at the Olympics . He was also a part of the coaching staff of horse rider Edward Gal and the famous horse Totilas who won multiple gold medals at various championship tournaments. In a period of four years, Edward and Totilas broke almost all of the standing records, which led to huge increases in the market value of both the horse and rider.

Though Robert remains involved in mental coaching of multiple types of athletes, his primary focus is on football players with his particular approach. Portielje is also the author of the book “Development or Remain Complicated”.

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